About Us

Densey is here for those who don’t fancy watching the sun rise and set from the same place. We are here for those who want to pack their bags and travel to different places to experience the world, learn new cultures, taste different cuisines or simply let their hair down and enjoy life before breathe becomes air. Everyday, we discover new holiday destinations and not only share them with you, but also help you get there by booking your air, bus or train tickets, and check you into the best hotels.

Our Mission

To offer unmatched tours and travel services that give value for money to our esteemed clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading Tours and Travel company in the country


How Will You Spend Your Christmas?
  For a long time now Christmas has been flying under the radar. Little excitement, few lit Christmas trees, boring Christmas songs and, worse, chapati…
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The Dry Tears of The Crying Stone of Ilesi
One wonders if the tears of the famous Crying Stone of Ilesi are crocodile tears. If they are genuine, why hasn’t anybody bothered to find…
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The Coughing Bus
I needed to pee. Sitting upright on the bed, I stretched my arm and tapped my brother on the shoulder because I could not venture…
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